About Us

Entrepower is a formal work-wear brand for strong and passionate women who push themselves every single day to conquer and celebrate life. Based in India, our aim is to provide the best business and office apparel that satisfies our customers’ needs. We believe in combining impeccable quality with functionality. Explore fabrics, silhouettes and designs of the best formal work-wear for ladies in India. Let us bring out the best in you.

We celebrate women for who they are; by curating styles that help them feel comfortable and exude confidence. Entrepower operates on inspiring and empowering women. We want women to be their own bosses with functional office wear. We believe in power dressing our way through life, because why not?

What We believe in

We built our brand upon the belief in the coexistence of dichotomies simplicity and elegance, style and comfort, versatility and permanence. Women who are simultaneously juggling many roles and responsibilities, women who move through life with purpose, goals and ambition need to be provided with the best office clothing choices that will help them feel empowered as well as comfortable and confident. We believe that the world should be a better place for everyone, and we try to contribute to it in our ways.

To make women feel empowered and confident every single day. To be a one-stop-shop solution for the best formal work-wear for women in India. We want to create and curate everything that the ladies need to keep up with their work lives.


Divyanshi Shukla

Divyanshi Shukla was let down when she couldn’t find
the perfect graduation suit for her convocation. She recalls telling
her mother that India requires its own powerful women’s formal and
workwear line.

That sudden epiphany made her decide to launch ‘Entrepower,’ her own e-commerce website selling workwear apparel for women.

Shukla, an ambitious woman in her early twenties based in India, is
ready to embark on the beautiful journey of becoming a powerful and
inspirational businesswoman. ‘Entrepower’ reflects her ideals of being
and allowing other women to be the best versions of themselves.


Arpita Shukla

Arpita Shukla is a motivated young woman who is
already juggling multiple roles in her life. She embodies everything a
modern Indian girl should be: vivacious, self-assured, and eager to
explore the world’s more challenging corners. She has always been there
for her fellow girls, encouraging them and debating issues concerning
women’s rights.

She is a global business student who has had a
360-degree view of various business environments. Arpita refers to
Entrepower as her brainchild, and she has put all of her energy and
knowledge into meticulously shaping it. Arpita is ready to use her
privileges and resources to help other women as she continues to take on
and succeed at her brave life choices.