7 Trendy Work Outfit Ideas for Business Women

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Have you ever woken up from a deep slumber only to have your moment of serenity crushed by the pressures of having to select a work outfit? If you’re a fashion rookie looking for chic work outfit ideas for business women, you’ve come to the right space to get enlightened!

Scroll through this blog to discover some trendy work outfit ideas for business women that’ll give you that smart and professional look for all your business ventures.


Fall in love with your work fashion by filling your wardrobe with trendy business attire for women available online. We know you look gorgeous in all outfits; however, we have stormed through a myriad of work outfit ideas for business women to pick out the best business attire for women from our collection.


Check out these top 7 trendy work outfit ideas for business women from Entrepower’s Collection.

  1. Three-Piece Suit 

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Switch your fashion game by a notch with Entrepower’s three-piece suit. This business attire is one of the most popular outfit ideas for working women and comes with an overcoat, blazer, and a pair of trousers.

  1. Deep Neck Waistcoat with Culottes Set 

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This versatile outfit comes with a single-breasted blazer and a pair of wide-legged, shin-length culottes. You can also make things interesting by picking a pair of heels or flats to go with this gorgeous ensemble.

  1. Double Breasted Blazer 

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When it comes to work outfit for business women, blazers are some of the most popular picks. This is because you can easily pair a blazer with different ensembles to get a professional and smart look.

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  1. Tie-Up Business Suit 

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Tie-Up Business Suits are gaining fame as one of the most picked work outfit ideas for business women. This suit comes with a formal tie-up business blazer and a pair of fitted trousers. This women’s outfit idea is one of the easiest ways to achieve a stylish look with minimal effort.

  1. Waistcoat with Angular Hem

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You can’t be missing out on this work outfit idea for business women. Why? Well for one, waistcoats are probably your fashion saviour when you are having a dilemma over picking the right business attire for the day. You can probably invent about a hundred women’s outfit ideas with just a single waistcoat and still pull off a new look every day!

  1. Zipper Closure Waistcoat 

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Despite the generalised misconception, women’s business professional outfit ideas don’t have to look dull! Add a little bit of colour and fun to your work fashion with this zipper closure waistcoat from Entrepower. You can pair this classy piece with a shirt, top, skirt, and trousers amongst a variety of other options to get that perfect office look!

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  1. Cape Business Suit 

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This women’s business outfits idea, in the form of a cape business suit, can just be the heroine of your wardrobe! The outfit has a single-breasted blazer with a cape sleeves detail which accentuates the boss vibes you hold within.


We come bearing the best news! Now you don’t have to spend hours coming up with an ideal women’s business outfit idea. As fellow business women, we know it’s tiresome to come up with business attire outfit ideas that are stylish, simple, and in tune with the professional dress codes.

Not anymore!

Entrepower has a range of business attire outfits made just for you and all the ladies in power! Browse through our unique business attires and get a style that speaks to you!

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