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Preparing for an interview is a simple and easy task. From personality to punctuality, you need to be clear about everything before entering the room. While your knowledge, skills, and experience matter, personality plays an equally important role. Your looks, expressions, and confidence are a major part of your personality. When you exude confidence in your gestures and postures, it depicts your self-esteem. Your expressions say a lot about the surety of your answers and the level of nervousness, while your attire defines your sense of presentation, neatness, and responsibility. Before deciding on an office wear dress, there are certain do’s and don’t you must know about. Read on to discover a few hacks that’ll help you make a lasting impression on your recruiters.  

Understand the work environment: It is important to research for the job you want, understand the work environment and the position you are applying for. This will help you dress accordingly for the role you want. In certain industries, there is a strict dress code or a fixed company uniform, which you need to be aware of before buying business apparel for everyday work. There is a vast range of office-wear dresses for women starting from pencil skirts to pants, blazers to waistcoats, hence one should check on what would look the best according to company norms. Dress in something that qualifies as a business casual but you don’t look overdressed. Wearing denim and t-shirts may look too casual. So, dress according to the position you are applying for. Hence wearing formal is one of the smartest options to go with that is acceptable in most industries.

So remember to “dress what you dream of”. Though formal dressing isn’t a tough task, one needs to prepare for it at least a day before the interview to avoid the last-minute hassle.

There are a few DO’S and DON’TS that can come in handy to all women:


1) Choose colours that reflect your personality with plain patterns, like a red coat with a simple shirt or a grey blazer with a white shirt.

2) Wear something professional and comfortable at the same time.

3) Do not wear something that gets wrinkled easily. 

4) If you are going for cotton pants or pencil skirts, then make sure the shirt is buttoned down and tucked in.

5) Pro tip: Wear elegant footwear. A quick tip: Black goes with every shade! 

6) Keep your accessories to a minimum. Add a simple belt, delicate necklace and small earrings.

7) Manicure and clean the cuticles. If you wear a nail paint then make sure it is of a lighter shade and goes with the attire

8) Wear a nude lip shade.

9) Always make sure you carry your documents, resume, portfolio etc in a neatly marked file. Carry a laptop bag or purse for other essentials like wallet, ID and phone.


1) Avoid clothing and fabrics that are dull.

2) If you don’t feel confident in the apparel, it is better to chuck it at once. You can get the best formal dresses for women online in your price range, that goes with your comfort and skin tone.

3) Check for classy women’s business apparel options if you are planning to buy something new for the interview.

4) First impression is the last impression in interviews, so make sure you do not look mismatched in your style.

5) Flip-flops or bright coloured/ neon shoes are a big no.

6) Bling isn’t for business! Make sure the jewellery doesn’t dangle around or make noise. Anything too shiny can make you look unprofessional. 

7) Work isn’t a party place unless you are a party planner! So, make sure you don’t look overdressed. But with that said, make sure you do not look informal and careless.

8) Do not carry everything in hand as you might lose something. Carry a bag/ invest in clothes with pockets for different things, so that it does not get clumsy.

9) Carry a bag that’s big enough to be organised and clutter-free for easy access.


Lastly, one must conduct a mock interview before the actual interview. Present yourself the same as you would in an actual interview: dress up, answer and educate. Pick up on the loopholes, work on them and make sure you prepare all basic answers, as knowledge represents your personality. Knowing a little more about the company and inculcating it in your answers shows preparedness and awareness, letting the interviewer know you are serious about the job.

Whenever you sit in the chair, you need to remember:

1) They don’t know you, so try to present your best aspects, show your strength and win over them. 

2) Talk about your career goals, why you want this job and how it is going to help you improve and excel.

3) Make sure you highlight the benefit the company will get by hiring you. It is ok to be nervous and sometimes it is ok to express it with a reason if it is your first-ever interview in life, but that must not stop you from getting it.

4) Remove the fear of judgement and speak where you think your opinion needs to be heard.

5) Make sure you maintain a soft yet confident tone in your voice. Do not argue. There is no shame in accepting that you might not know everything. You can accept your lack of knowledge and try to convey that you will get better at it.

6) Most importantly, do not underestimate yourself and don’t compare yourself with the competition. 


Lastly, If you don’t make it, remember the world is full of opportunities, so jump towards the next one with equal confidence. Go be the best version of yourself!

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