Fashion Update: Waistcoats are taking over every wardrobe!

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“All the world’s your runway. Make every outfit in your wardrobe count.”

The buzz around formal dress for women online pivots around boxy fit blazers, leather jackets, and statement suits. In this craze, a less evident sensation might escape your notice. Yes, it’s the formal waistcoat for ladies! 

From wearing vests in the confines of a casual setting during the Victorian age to valiantly accepting the three-piece suit trend, women’s blazer waistcoat has seen a vibrant, groundbreaking history.  

Fashion is timeless, infinite, and a riddle with a million different possibilities. Maybe that is why we have been blessed to see the revival of waistcoats as popular workwear which was earlier seen as an extravagant attire formerly addressed as a gentleman’s wardrobe staple. 

Did you know? According to Lyst, the searches for the keyword “waistcoats” saw a major surge in November 2019. Net-A-Porter shortly released the message that waistcoats are one of the hottest fashion trends as of late in the fashion industry.  

Kate Moss became a trendsetter in 2005 and paved the way for waistcoats in our wardrobes when she paired hers with hot pants, boots, bed-head hair, and her boss vibe energy. 

In the next 12 months, Moss stunned the fashion world as she reincarnated distinct female waistcoat styles and reclaimed the piece of clothing over and over again.

It’s 2022, and we are starting to feel her clout again as we see designers, fashion enthusiasts, and businesswomen coming up with creative ways to style their waistcoats.

It’s unclear who brought the waistcoats back on board, but we are glad they did! From street fashion to becoming popular office wear in India and worldwide, the waistcoat, with its subtle mix of masculine and feminine charm, is evolving as a female wardrobe staple.

There are quite a few ladies that could be given credit for the comeback of waistcoats. For instance, model Kaia Gerberg stunned the waistcoat look when she adorned a black vest and teamed it with shorts and knee-high boots at the Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2020 show. Bella Hadid took it up another notch when she clubbed hers with denim and a chic belt. 

Among these buzzing waistcoat trends, there’s an infinite range of styling possibilities that you can explore to find a fashion that best suits you!


Waistcoats clubbed with suits or any generic workwear accentuate your curves and add to your overall appearance. Its versatile nature also allows it to be paired with various outfits and styling possibilities. 

For instance, one can wear it with an oversized shirt underneath, or you can even wear it under a sharp blazer to accentuate your silhouette. If you like to invest in long waistcoats, you can do an elegant pairing with pencil skirts and formal pants to achieve a polished look during the summer.

You can play around with your appearance by wearing tartan & tatters waistcoats featuring plaid designs in bold colors. Pair these plaid waistcoats with matching and solid-color blazers to obtain a professional and streamlined look. Cotton waistcoats for ladies are also trending as popular office wears for their comfy and classy elegance.  

There are plenty of images and references that you can browse at any juncture to draw inspiration for your waistcoat looks. 

The adoption of waistcoats into a women’s closet historically defied the restrictive laws encircling gender clothing. Besides serving as a statement piece, the waistcoat, with its variety of distinct styles, cuts & designs, has given birth to a myriad fashion possibility and is the perfect solution to our morning outfit predicaments.

Here are our top picks for the most preferred and fashionable waistcoats that will help you slay any look with confidence and style.

  1. Classic Waistcoat
    • Basic waistcoat which has 6-8 buttons
    • A cinch adjuster is present to ensure a proper fitting
    • Traditionally, no belt is required as the cinch is already present to ensure a proper fitting
  2. Low Cut Formal Waistcoat
    • Allows the addition of flair to dress shirts in the form of bibs or pleats
    • It has a slightly lower cut
  3. Double Breasted Waistcoat 
    • It has overlapping flaps with two columns of buttons
    • It has around 4-8 sets of buttons
    • Around 1-2 sets of the buttons in the double-breasted waistcoat are functional
  4. Double Breasted Waistcoat with a Shawl Collar
    • It is a double-breasted waistcoat that has a shawl lapel
    • It goes well with a Tuxedo
  5. Notch Lapel Waistcoat
    • The waistcoat contains a notch lapel to make it appear more classy
  6. Windowpane Waistcoat
    • The windowpane waistcoat has a checked pattern
    • A perfect medley of glamour, class, and style, it is the outfit to appear chic and suave
  7. Donegal Tweed Waistcoat
    • It contains specs of faint hue over the clothing
    • It’s lightweight
    • Can be worn in summers 
    • It’s versatile clothing that can be worn in a formal, semi-formal, or even in a casual setting


There’s nothing classier than a well-tailored garment. Add a waistcoat underneath your blazers to exude style in your office fits. If you wish to aim for a slightly semi-formal appearance, you can simply pair the waistcoat with a classic button-down shirt and matching pants or skirt. If you want, you can go for a slightly traditional approach and get the whole three-piece suit to achieve a polished and professional look. 

While mixing colors and prints, it is essential to create cohesiveness between the pieces that one is styling. For instance, you can pair a grey waistcoat and matching color pants with a black or white shirt underneath to give you a classy and sophisticated look with minimal effort.

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