Fashion Hack: Transform Your Office Wear Into Party Wear

Women wearing Beige Sleeveless Blazer Set from Entrepower India

It’s officially the weekend, and you can’t wait to chill out with your coworkers and friends after work. 

But there’s a slight predicament. 

You don’t have the right office party wear dress that’ll keep you from standing out like a sore thumb at a pub full of cocktail dresses and evening gowns. The stress of needing to find an ideal office party wear after a hectic day at work can cause even the most ardent go-to party hoppers to cancel plans.

But not anymore! 

In a world where fashion has become more adaptable, why should you be the only one withdrawing plans just because you don’t have backup office party wear? At Entrepower, we have a range of office party wear dresses for ladies that you can wear to any of your business ventures or an after-work party. 

Read on to discover tricks & tips on how you can find your ideal office party wear dress. 


What are some of the best casual office party wear for ladies?  

Are you in a hurry to find an office partywear dress?

Well, whether it’s a work dinner party to celebrate promotions or an important business event, these office party outfit ideas that we’ve listed below will surely come in handy!


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Turn heads your way both in the office and after-work party in this amazing sizzling red office party outfit!


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This mustard office party wear blazer dress is perfect for brunch with the girls or a night out with the homies after work.


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Let your inner charisma shine through in this powerful office party outfit while dining out with your work besties.


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Want a formal yet fashionable office party outfit? Then this is your pick!


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Amp your fashion game effortlessly while picking this power suit as your go-to office party wear for ladies. You can wear this suit as a standalone or pair it with a pretty bralette or shirt and a stunning pair of stilettos. 


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If you love outfits in beige, then this office party wear for ladies won’t disappoint you! You can pair it with your favourite silk shirt or wear it as it is and get a slaying look for the evening. 


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Are you looking for office party dress ideas but don’t want to make a big effort? This classic tie-up suit for women is the best candidate for you. This office party wear is trendy and bold in its own right, and will offer you an effortlessly stylish look every time!


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Look fine every time in this office party wear for ladies featuring a formal single-breasted blazer and a pair of straight-fit trousers. 


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Here’s the perfect office party dress idea for ardent waistcoat lovers! 


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Suit up and hit the dance floor after a frenzied day at work in a stylish three-piece suit! Entrepower has a wide range of three-piece suits that you can wear to your office parties. 

How can you transform your office wear into an office party wear dress? 

It’s not always ideal to change outfits, especially when you have an impromptu plan. Here are some quick and easy tips to transform your work look from formal to dazzling and exceptional office party wear

  • A silk blouse tucked into a classic pair of formal pants or skirt can be an ideal office party wear or a romantic night out after work. You can wear a blazer throughout the day to disguise the glitz & glamour and take it off while heading out for the evening.  
  • You’d be surprised how adding bold pieces of jewellery to your professional attire can change it into dazzling office party wear.
  • Add a killer pair of heels to your business attire and you are ready to slay the evening with glam and style. 
  • Don’t shy away from adding some volume to your office party wear. We love it when ruffles in skirts and shirts convey a bold feminine vibe with their flowy forms.
  • Adding a bold scarf to your business attire can do the trick and transform your businesswear into an ideal office party outfit! You can pick a scarf in a chic knit, a trendy leopard print, or pastel and light colour.

Find the best office party wear dresses for ladies at Entrepower 

The holiday season is approaching, and some of us may be sorry that we did not save enough of our paid time off. Well, the good news is you don’t have to spend a lot of time hunting down the perfect office party dress ideas when you have to attend a party straight after clocking out! 

You can always accessorise your basic work attire to create unique, bold office party dress ideas. From stylish three-piece suits to stunning evening office party dresses, there are quite a few options for you to explore at Entrepower. 

Shop the best office party wear dresses for women now at 

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