Top Formal Attire for Women in 2021


Work from home or back to the office, power dressing plays an important role in exhibiting one’s stature and attitude at the office. Though work from home has brought up the culture of comfort clothing, it is important that one gets to choose comfort in formal attire too. So, today, let’s talk about 5 formal fashion ideas for women that are classy and comfy at the same time!

As buying formals is sort of investing towards a perfect corporate look, it does not come cheap when you try to buy the right one and so doing a little research about it might come in handy. If you are a newbie and confused regarding your options, you should be aware that there are a lot of things to be kept in mind when one goes shopping for an office-wear dress.

The four prerequisites that one must look for while shopping for business apparel are:

  1. Right fit
  2. Right style
  3. Right colour
  4. Reasonable rate

Though the range varies from brand to brand, you must make sure you get the best outfit on your budget.

Not only should your formals be pocket-friendly but they should have pockets too, to make your life a little more comfortable! Women’s business apparel has never been user-friendly but these options are going to break that stereotype.

Here we will discuss the 5 types of formal styles that you must add to your workwear wardrobe!

Tie-Up Business Suit

A formal tie-up business blazer is the way to go if you are going for a chic look. Available in a range of colours that have never been considered before, it gives the vibe of “Unique and beautiful”. This suit can be your escape for a quick fix even for an online meeting. Just tie it up while pairing it with a shirt or top and you are set to rule. Moreover, the tie-up suit offers the added advantage of size flexibility.

“Despite the general notion, we believe every woman can rock every outfit. Every colour suits and compliments once you accept your skin tone and love it. So be bold and paint your wardrobe with the colours you love. “

Women wearing Maroon Tie-up Business suit from Entrepower India

Classic Waistcoat Set

A waistcoat is ornate that adds to the beauty of formal wear. A waistcoat is a sleeveless, tight-fit garment that buttons down till the waist in the front. Hence a classic waistcoat set can be considered semi-formal and can be paired as per choice.

This waistcoat can be paired with skinny jeans as well as straight-fit trousers, which gives the best blend of casual and formal. This one is a safe choice in case you are going for your first formal interview as this won’t make you look over or underdressed.  

Be it a size zero or size hundred, you must embrace your body with a positive attitude and try different styles. You must flaunt your curves with a flair. Hence a deep neck waistcoat highlights your curves in a classy way.”

Women wearing Classic Pink Waistcoat Set from Entrepower India

Deep Neck Waistcoat

As the name suggests, this waistcoat is single-breasted with deep neck detailing. This design of waistcoat adds to the attractiveness and can be accessorised with a simple, signature accessory that isn’t pompous but adds a flair of elegance. This waistcoat can be paired with culottes or full-length pants. If you pair it with culottes make sure it isn’t shorter than your shin. 

“Revamp your style, by exploring your options and see what works for you. Be adventurous in your style rather than following the herd that sticks to traditional blazers. Give your body the confidence by trying styles out of your comfort zone.”

Women wearing Blue Deep Neck Waistcoat with Culottes Set from Entrepower India

Waistcoat with Angular Hem

This waistcoat too is single-breasted that comes with buttons as well as a zipper closure for maximum comfort. With unique, bold, and pastel shades, these can be paired easily, in any way you like!
Be it some spilled coffee or spray spots on the shirt, a buttoned waistcoat gives the added advantage of covering up any stains or creases in case of mishaps before important meetings.

“Lastly, if you are someone whose primary focus is getting rid of tight, sweaty sleeves, then get your comfort mode on with a slit sleeve blazer.”

Women wearing Black Exaggerated Collar Waistcoat from Entrepower India

Slit Sleeve Blazer

Extraordinary and unique, this blazer has slit cape-like sleeves that set them apart from the ordinary formals available in stores. The boxy fit adds to both comfort and design. Let your hair down and pair it with skinny jeans or a pencil skirt, to make your evening look classy. What’s more interesting is that these come with pockets which makes it easy to carry your essentials, while looking stunning.

Women wearing Beige Slit Sleeves Blazer from Entrepower India

As described above, these are some of the styles that you can try on. There are a lot of brands that provide the above-mentioned formal dress options for women online. But well, why pick Entrepower when there are plenty of other brands that seem to offer just what you want? 

Entrepower believes in the inclusivity of all, boosting confidence and filling the young women entrepreneurs with the power to conquer the world. Breaking stereotypes and being limitless in their options, our brand offers sizes from XS to XXXL, in myriads of shades for those who wish to push their boundaries. From bright shades to subtle pastels, we have got you covered.

We resonate with ideal working women who make ends meet to reach for the stars and fulfil their dreams. Our goal is to design chic and comfortable office-wear dresses for women. Through our designs, we aim to bring a sense of inclusivity and break uniformity in the business wear options that are available. If you want to join the bandwagon of a brand founded by and for women, Entrepower is the power you need!

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