Top 3 Picks of the Week – Bringing Power Suits Back in Style

Women wearing Grey Power suit with piping details from Entrepower India

A good ol’ power suit for women is always in fashion when you want to assemble an effortless and classy look during those morning rush hours when you don’t feel like placing many thoughts into selecting an outfit for the day. 

Women’s power suits caused quite a stir among the fashionable ladies of the 1980s, and today, these suits for women have become the latest season’s favourites and fashion runway superstars. 

What makes up a power suit dress?

Why is this power suit for women such a hyped choice? 

What are some of the trending suits for women

Where can one shop for the latest suit styles for ladies

This article tackles these issues by attempting to provide all of the juicy information about a power suit for women.


What is a women’s power suit?  

A power suit for women comprises the silhouettes of a jacket, pants, and sometimes a waistcoat and exudes a sense of power, authority, and confidence. These suits for women broke the stereotypes encircling female fashion when the trendy and non-apologetic ladies of the day accepted this choice of attire with open arms. 

A female power suit can be worn as a standalone ensemble or as separates on the weekend. One can accessorise these suits for women in myriad ways by substituting shirts for crop tops or shoes for heels, and vice versa.

What is the purpose of power dressing? 

Finding an appropriate suit for women might be a daunting business. 

As a generation with aspirations, we don’t want to blend in with the office mob nor stand out like a disco ball in a pub. That is where power dressing slides into your life; it helps to strike a perfect harmony between professionalism and style. 

Showing up to work in your best power suit can help you make an unforgettable fashion statement that forms a lasting impression on your co-workers and clients. 

Power dressing also empowers one to embrace their sense of style and be unrestrained at work. The grand scheme of power dressing serves to discover a suit for women that suits your style, not the other way around. 


Power Suit Dress: Top 3 Picks of the Week

We took the initiative of sifting through our dynamic female power suit assortment to find you our top three picks of the week. These power suit dresses, with their bold yet feminine fits, are sure to become wardrobe mainstays!

Women’s Power Suit #LookOne  

Power Suit with Contrast Waistcoat

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Add a splash of a colourful bloom to your wardrobe with this classic green and purple female power suit with a contrast waistcoat. As the name suggests, it is a fusion of vintage and contemporary styles. With its blazer and trouser combo and contrast waistcoat, this formal yet chic women’s power suit strikes a balance between workwear and a fun aspect of fashion.

Women’s Power Suit #LookTwo    

Double-Breasted Power Suit

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This power suit dress is handpicked from our latest Made To Measure collection, one dedicated to commemorating womanhood by concocting styles and outfits for all body types. This double-breasted jacket with bell bottom trousers is an ideal power suit dress for those who juggle multiple responsibilities during the day, whether as a leader, an employee, a daughter, a wife, or a mother.

Women’s Power Suit #LookThree

Power Suit with Piping Details

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Finding the best suits for women online may appear to be a difficult task at first sight. But, keeping your fashion needs in mind, we’ve created a variety of trending suits for women that are customised to fit your fashion aesthetics. One such classic women’s suit is this grey Power Suit with Piping Details. A statement female power suit featuring a blazer with black detailing, this outfit is a must-have for your office wardrobe.  

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The female power suit family has grown over the years, with the new addition of styles and fashion added to the mix. There’s no limit to power dressing. Any classic women’s suit can fall under the power dressing category, as long as you deem it powerful and feel empowered while adorning the outfit. 

This season, let the fashion lover in you run unrestricted! Sift through some of the best suits for women from our old and new collections to find one that fits your style.

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