Cool for the summer: Stay comfy in a suit during hot weather!!

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Have you ever looked at someone with a twinge of envy because of how they seem to stay cool in a suit during summers? They manage to pull off a suit in hot weather no matter the season, while you are trying your hardest not to look like a sweating mess. 

What form of fashion-craft is this?!? 

Just like magic, fashion has its share of tricks up its sleeves. Read this blog to dig down the secrets of how you can maintain a professional look and stay cool in a suit during summer.


Whether you live in the polar regions or the sweltering equatorial zones, you too can suit up during hot weather. While you can’t escape the scorching sun or the oppressive humidity, these fashion hacks will help you stay cool in a suit during summer.


Check out these tips on how to wear a suit in the summer.

#Tip 1: Keep a lookout for the fabrics of your classic summer suits!

Pick suits for summer made with breathable fabric. This will help you stay cool in a suit during summer, as the fabrics are embroidered to absorb the sweat from your body. Keep a lookout for fabrics with open weaves such as linen, cotton, fresco and so on while shopping for your suits for hot weather. 

#Tip 2: Select lighter hues while picking suits in the summer!

A trick to stay cool in a suit during summer (one that you should religiously follow) is to pick light colour ensembles because they absorb less heat in comparison to darker tones. 

#Tip 3: Don’t underestimate the importance of picking the right shirt!

Before your cool suit jacket, your shirt will be in direct contact with your skin. Hence, picking the right shirt made with the right fabric is essential. To stay cool in a suit in hot weather, keep a lookout for shirts made with 100% cotton or linen material as they help to absorb sweat. 

#Tip 4: Selecting the right jacket lining!

The lining in the jackets give them their shape, however, unlined jackets are much more breathable and summer-friendly. You can go for half-line jackets as they are breathable and still give structure to the outfit. 

#Tip 5: Layer up to stay cool in a suit during summer!

Yes, your eyes read just fine.

Layering your outfit with the right undershirt will help you absorb the sweat and keep you cool as you pull off the classy suit looks with elegance and style. 

#Tip 6: Go loose or lose your cool because of the scorching heat: Make the right choice!

A very smart and effective hack to stay cool in a suit during the summers is to opt for ensembles with loose fits to allow constant airflow. 

There you have it- six simple, easy-to-follow fashion fixes to help you elegantly carry those chic summer suit looks designed by top fashion houses around the globe!


How to stop sweating in a suit? 

Where can I find some of the best suits for warm weather? 

Are there lightweight suits for hot weather available in India?

Well, well!

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