Keeping Up with the Trends: Tips to Build Women’s Work Wardrobe

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A good work wardrobe for women doesn’t have the way to Narnia, but it can pave the way to your success! As an integral part of the corporate world driven by trends and strict business codes, knowing about women’s work wardrobe essentials can win you gold points with your business buddies. 

Even if you are not a fashion geek and wish to build a trendy work wardrobe for women, you’ve landed in the right place to get yourself enlightened!

So chuck your basic office outfits and read on to get insights on trendy women’s work wardrobe essentials for everyday use.

How to build a work wardrobe for women from scratch?

Wardrobe planning for working women requires more than just getting rid of basic office outfits and keeping up with the current trends. As a strong woman fighting to achieve her goals, you must build a work wardrobe that resembles your feisty spirit and work ethic.

Not to forget, building a professional wardrobe is not an overnight process. Your budget and dedication throughout this voyage shall play a crucial role in determining the success of this mission.  

We’ve jotted down a few fashion elixirs you can follow to get yourself an ideal work wardrobe for women from scratch.

Fashion Elixirs: Tips to build a classy work wardrobe for women 

It’s time to resurrect your Pinterest-worthy looks in real life! 

Follow these simple tips to sort through the overwhelming mess in your closet so you can build an ideal work wardrobe. 

#Tip 1: Pick the right fabrics while selecting your office work attire 

An infamous fact to remember while you are on the quest to build a professional wardrobe is to ensure you’ve selected the correct fabric. Opt for materials such as cotton or polyester that can resist forming creases and help you remain comfortable during work hours. 

#Tip 2: Hunt down staple formal work attire for women  

It’s more convenient to have a small range of staple outfits for everyday use. 

Stocking up on staple work wardrobe essentials such as blazers, business suits, waistcoats, cardigans, overcoats, formal pants, formal skirts, and so on can save you from having to go through the hustles of picking an outfit every day. You can choose one of these staple pieces and style it accordingly to create an easy DIY look.  

#Tip 3: Take risks with your prints  

No wardrobe rule claims you can only wear dark hues to your office! Don’t hesitate to pick unconventional colours that defy the odds. At Entrepower, we have a range of work outfits available in prints such as pastel, plaid, fiery red and so on. 

Don’t believe us? 

Check these out!

Red Tie-Up Business Suit

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Pastel Blue Classic Waistcoat Set

#Tip 4: Find a style that compliments your silhouette  

From oversized fashion to tailored fits, there are different styles and outfits that compliment one’s figure. From pear to hourglass, at Entrepower, you can explore a range of work outfits for women available in different shapes & sizes and build a work wardrobe that best portrays your uniqueness. 

#Tip 5: Select the right footwear

A woman in high heels and a high aim is meant to reach new heights!

As you continue to build a work wardrobe, you must add footwear as a top work wardrobe essential. You’d be surprised at what stocking up on a killer pair of stilettos (or any other ideal footwear) can do to your wardrobe.

#Tip 6: Tone down your accessories & let your office work attire do the talking   

You can always pick a scarf or a cute necklace to go with your office work attire. But, keeping things to a minimum is always the better option to not overshadow your overall outfit. 

#Tip 7: Mix and match formal work attire for women  

It’s not uncommon to feel hesitant about repeating your trendy work attire. But what if you do it subtly and, by doing so, create new looks every day?

(Read our blog on 5 Tips to Mix & Match Your Work Outfit to know more on how you can create new everyday trendy work attire)

Build a work wardrobe with Entrepowe

At Entrepower, we seek to help you express your powerful self with our wide range of women’s work wardrobe essentials that best compliments you. 

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