The Oversized Blazer – Is it the newest fashion sensation

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She was never the one to stray from her goals as she was busy blazing her way to the top.

Blazers have long since transcended their 18th-century essence as typical menswear. What began as the warm-up gears for the rowers at prestigious British colleges like Oxford and Cambridge, today, the oversized blazer trend has evolved as an insignia of feminine empowerment. 

The fashion journey of blazers, from being used as men’s warm-up gears to becoming the bestselling formal dress for women online, is a true reflection of society embracing a more gender-fluid fashion. 

We don’t know about you, but we’ve always been a fan of Princess Diana’s classic women’s oversized blazer look and Kendall Jenner’s oversized blazer street style fashion. 

What’s the fanfare over this piece of clothing? What makes it so legendary? How can you style your blazers? Read on to find out.

Women & Blazer – A short history

In a century where wearing suits raised questions against one’s femininity, Sarah Bernhardt decided not to fall for stereotypes and wear a custom trouser suit for a painted portrait. In 1914, when Coco Chanel designed a trimmed jacket and matching ankle skirt, suits for women received the stamp of authorization from the fashion industry. 

In 1964, Andre Courreges designed the first pantsuit. Before this, women used to prefer sporting pants only for private affairs. With movies like Working Girl flaring new doctrines and philosophies, the notion of wearing a blazer as everyday fashion became mainstream. As an upshot, blazers were visualized and sewed in a variety of shades, patterns, and silhouettes. The trendsetters from the late 90s and the 20th century took it up a notch and went adventurous with their styling patterns as they ditched the matching bottoms for something funky. 

Oversized Blazer Fashion Today

With the casualization of outfits becoming the new trend, low-key fashion with a nonchalant appeal is starting to gain momentum. For some bizarre homo sapien humor, we want to look put together without looking like we have put effort into our fashion style. 

And what better way to achieve this fuss-free, subtle look than with an oversized blazer? 

With the perfect blend of comfort and style, these boxy blazers, with their big-fit energy, a longer hemline, strong shoulders, and slouchy silhouette, can glorify your appearance without any effort. 

And the fun part? You can wear this wardrobe staple all year round and let your creative flair run wild as you pair it with clothing of your choice!

For instance, you can pair the boxy blazer fit with a bralette or jinx it up with simple tees, turtlenecks, shorts, sweats, and much more! 

With offices resuming, it’s time to ditch the comfort of working from home in your PJs. The task of browsing for office wear in India can be a tedious deal. But not anymore!

You can always replace the typical business casuals and pick a more comfortable, boxy fit. You can elegantly pair it with little details such as leggings with the same tone or even with a graphic tee to add to your overall appearance.

From Kendall Jenner turning heads in a boxy blazer fit & pants to Sonam Kapoor’s iconic fashion fusion with floral dress & blazer, there are so many looks you can draw your inspiration from! Or, if you are feeling a little adventurous, you can also style it up like Rhea Kapoor with her quirky corset tops and oversized blazers.  

Fashion is an area of infinite possibilities. You can pair your blazers with a style that best defines you and your individuality. 

Style tips: How to style your oversized blazer

There’s a closet full of possibilities for how you can style your blazers. However, if you are looking for some creative tips on how some of the fashion girls dress their wardrobe staple, check out the tips below!

  • Use a belt over your oversized blazer to add definition to your figure. 
  • Add a pair of chic knee-high boots or a pair of high heels to go with your overall outfit. 
  • Go all black with the pairings and pick a classic solid print for your blazer. 
  • What can be more aesthetic and smarter than an oversized blazer paired with a classic white button-down? You can also be creative with your pairings and pick a shirt print or shade that goes well with your blazer. 
  • You can also ditch the pants and pair your blazer suit with a short dress or cropped tops. 
  • Instead of wrecking your head over complicated looks, you can go all classic and stick to a matching set of blazers and pants. 
  • If you want a combo of comfy yet classy look off-duty, you can throw in a blazer over your casual wear. 
  • If you don’t like a longer proportion, you can always get a blazer with a shorter hem. 
  • Pairing your blazer with ‘90s jeans or trousers is also a simple go-to everyday look that you can opt for.  

Blazing with Entrepower!

No fashion statement declares that wearing blazers is a benchmark to be obeyed by those who do a nine-to-five job. You can pick innovative apparels to go with your blazer and try out different trendy fashion possibilities while off-duty. However, as a corporate woman, it’s smart to stick to a style that mirrors your professionalism and business ethics.

At Entrepower, we have a range of blazers sewed in different shades and sizes just for you! From XS to XXXL, explore a range of office outfits that best illustrate your style and fashion. We at Entrepower believe that a boss lady who dared to follow her passion deserves a fashion that echoes her valor!

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