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Entrepower has a large selection of stylish business suits for women online such as cape business suits, classic business suits, tie-up business suits, and much more. Get one of these women’s business suits from our collection that’s designed with the best fabrics to reflect your passion and sense of style.



Are women’s pantsuits still in style?

Business suits for women have always been preferred as office outfits. These women’s pantsuits are comfortable, and there is quite a variety of them available today, making them a perfect go-to choice during those morning rush hours. The great awakening of feminism has resulted in more women wearing suits in recent decades. The story of women proudly embracing a business suit is an inspiring one. Read more about the History of Women’s Business Suits. 


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What are the different types of business suits for women?

 There are different types of business suits for ladies available online in India. You can find many of these girls’ pant suits at Entrepower. Made with the finest of fabrics and latest designs, you would be able to find quite a few business suits for women from our dynamic collections. Here are a few of our customers’ favoured pieces: Tie-Up Business Suits, Classic Business Suits, Cape Business Suits, Power Suit with Contrast Waistcoat, Double Breasted Power Suit and much more

How to find a business suit for women of different body types?

Women’s business suits come in a wide range of colours & designs. There’s a flood of options for you to discover before you find a fashion that best reflects you. If you have a gorgeous hourglass shape, you may keep your eyes out for business suits for women with high-waisted trousers and blazer jackets or tie-up girls’ pantsuits. If your body frame is pear-shaped, you can dress up in a women’s pants suit with boxy, shorter blazer jackets and high-waisted trousers. You can also find a ladies’ business suit online with high and low-rise trousers if you have a straight body type. For those with an apple-shaped body shape, you gorgeous ladies can pick female pant suits with blazer jackets that cut at their hips. However, regardless of your body type or the outfit you choose, always choose a fit that is comfortable for you. Get some fashion tips on How To Select The Best Business Suits for Women. 


Rule with Style: Tips to Choose the Best Business Suits for Women – Entrepower

What colour women’s pant suits are considered professional?

You may pick any colour of a women’s pantsuit as you please. As a woman, you can slay outfits in any colour and print. So don’t be afraid to pick business suits for women in prints and colours beyond the usual black or navy blue. Entrepower has a range of girls’ pant suits available in prints such as pastel and plaid for you to try out.

How many business suits for women should one have?

You can have as many girl pant suits that you wish to have. We believe one can never have enough business suits for women. There’s always room for another power suit in your office wardrobe. 

Where to buy women's pant suits online in India?

We might sound biased, but Entrepower is your one-stop platform to buy the best business suits for ladies online in India. We care about your fashion needs. From customised fits to the latest office attire for women, here, at Entrepower, you will be able to find just the ideal business suit for women that you can wear to any of your office ventures. 

Is it okay for women to wear a business suit to work?

We have long since moved on from a time when business suits were only worn by men. Today, a woman showing up to work, dressed in her latest women’s pantsuits, is considered a statement of success and empowerment. So yeah, you can surely wear that business suit for women to work with pride!

How can you style business suits for women?

 There are quite a few ways you can style your women’s pantsuits. However, while dressing up for the office, minimalism is the key. Try not to go overboard with the accessories. Find out some inspo on How To Style Your Business Suits For Women directly for your favourite Bollywood celebs.


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