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Formal dress code for women: How to dress for client meetings!

After skimming through articles on formal dress for women online, you might have formed a carefully knitted strategy on appropriate office wear for womenAs a rookie who’s starting to stake a claim on her career, you want everyone to acknowledge your true potential and value you as an individual.

A person takes three seconds to form an opinion about you! And if you wish to woo them at first glance, you need to adhere to the formal dress code for women and know what to wear to a meeting. 

 Read this blog to discover a few tricks, tips, and advice on what to wear to a meeting with an important client.


Well, if you read articles on the formal dress code for women or looked up magazines talking about what to wear to a meeting, you’d find a basic set of rules for “appropriate office attire.” These include: 

  • Wearing well-tailored fits
  • Wearing clean shoes and keeping yourself well-groomed
  • Wearing minimal makeup
  • Ensuring your ensembles do not have tears or visible lose threads
  • Ensuring that you don’t over-accessorize your outfits, etc. 

Don’t be confused. While you need to mildly adhere to the formal dress code for women and dress accordingly, it doesn’t mean you have to spend your work life dressed just in greys and black. You can always take your professional style up by a notch and add different shades and prints to your cart while scanning for any formal dress for women online. 

You can read the blog The Power of a Lasting First Impression to get an idea of the general rules that one needs to keep in mind while selecting their workwear. 


“My work quality and work ethic are enough to charm my way to a client’s heart.”

“Why do I even need to follow a formal dress code for women?” 

That’s true on many levels.

However, when you are meeting your clients, you are representing your company and not just yourself. And there’s a high chance of you putting off a client and knocking out a deal from your hands if you show up in sneakers and your favorite pair of ripped jeans. 

Besides, experimenting with your workwear and finding a style that brings out the best in you can be a great confidence booster! Not just that, by showing up in a put-together and creative fit, you are also showcasing that you value your client’s time. 

Usually, conventional wardrobe staples or office wear in India revolves around waistcoats, suits, blazers, and formal pants/skirts. However, today, you can style your outfits anyway you want, provided you are adhering to the formal dress code for women as set up in your respective company. 

For instance, if you are picking a blazer for an official meeting, you can pair it with matching color pants or even wear it over a dress. Not to forget, there are different styles of waistcoats available for women today that you can experiment with. 

Read the blog on Waistcoats are Taking Over Every Wardrobe to discover fashionable waistcoats that will help you slay any look with style. 


There are a few things that you keep in mind while selecting the right outfit that abides by the formal dress code for women. Read on to find out!

Know your client

A guide on the formal dress code for women can give you general tips on how you should dress for an important client meeting. However, having a good idea about your client before meeting them is essential as it can help you prepare for an appropriate outfit for the meeting. After all, mirroring is quite an effective psychological technique that can help you form close bonds with your clients, even on the first meeting. 

Keep it formal or semi-formal

You probably don’t want to show up in denim and T-shirts if you are meeting the CEO of a large enterprise that practically lives in pressed suits. At the same time, you can pick a normal black suit or blazer for an official meeting with a hoodie-wearing entrepreneur. 

However, in client meetings, you want to show that you are professional and respected in your field, so you should try not to keep your outfits too casual. 

Outfit coordination

Color coordinating your outfit is important. You can accessorize your attires accordingly. However, it is advised that you keep things to a minimum. 

Future Precautions

Imagine you are the only one who’s dressed in a blazer for an official meeting with an client on a hot sunny day. The reason? You can’t take it off as you don’t have an appropriate ensemble worn underneath.

Always ensure that you pair your ensembles in a way that will allow you to look professional even if you take off your layers. For instance, wearing a white collared shirt underneath your blazers and jackets works in such situations


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