Female Waistcoat Styles To Try When Your Work-Fashion Is A Mess

Women wearing Mustard Tie-up Waistcoat Set from Entrepower India

There is no shame in admitting that female waistcoat styles have suffered from myriad experimentations and drastic upgrades. 

And let us face it with pride, ladies!

We have all been through days where deciding an outfit seemed somewhat like rocket science. But, we have all grown, learned, and stumbled upon the saviour of work fashion in the form of the different types of female waistcoat styles. 

The women’s waistcoats are a wardrobe staple that you can wear as an add-on. Alternatively, if you are bold and not feeling cold, you can also do it in Kate Moss style and wear it as a standalone attire. Whether you pair this waistcoat for women with a crop top or a classy white shirt, you will be able to leave a stunning impression in all your business ventures. 


There are different female waistcoat styles that you can explore and try out. 

These women’s waistcoats include a double-breasted waistcoat, waistcoats with angular hem, waistcoats with culottes, and much more! 

Which of these female waistcoat styles should you pick? 

Well, well. 

You’ll probably end up exhausting your eyes (and your data) if you keep on swiping through Pinterest for different female waistcoat styles that you can try out. 

To make your hunt for the perfect women’s waistcoat online easy, we have shortlisted some stylish waistcoats from our collection! Entrepower is the one-stop solution where you can hunt down all the signature women’s waistcoats online effortlessly, anytime, anywhere.

Let’s check them out!

Women’s Waistcoat Online – Signature Work Outfits From Our Collection!

Classic Waistcoat Set

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Style Tip: You can always pair your blazer with a waistcoat to obtain a stylish look effortlessly. But what about the days when you don’t have a matching blazer? That is where the classic waistcoat set comes to save the day! Opt for minimal makeup to go with this waistcoat suit and pair it with a cute pair of heels for a more trendy look.

Tie Up Waistcoat Set

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Style Tip: Add a touch of sunshine to your monotonous office outfit looks with this ladies’ waistcoat from our collection. This outfit features a stylish waistcoat with a belt paired with cigarette pants. Wear it with your favourite high heels, and you are ready to slay the day!

Waistcoat With Angular Hem

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Style Tip: This must-have tailored women’s waistcoat accentuates your curves and is the perfect solution for your daily closet conundrums. You can go old school and pair it with a white shirt and nude formal pants or add it as a part of your three-piece suit.

Women Exaggerated Collar Waistcoat

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Style Tip: You will not find a better women’s waistcoat online that is a perfect match for days when you have exaggerated workloads at the office. This waistcoat for wmen will give you a plethora of ideas for mixing and matching to achieve the perfect office look.

Deep Neck Waistcoat With Culottes Set

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Style Tip: You’ll be able to keep all eyes on you this summer with this stunning women’s waistcoat. You can style this stylish waistcoat set with a puff-sleeved top and a hot pair of stilettos. Keep your accessories to a minimum to avoid overwhelming your overall look.

There you have it! Comfortable, chic, and professional waistcoat styles for women that you can try and incorporate as part of your work fashion

Browse through Entrepower to hunt down the best waistcoat styles for women made just for you!

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