Dress to be addressed – The power of a lasting first impression.

Women wearing Classic Pink Waistcoat Set from Entrepower India

“She doesn’t require words; the confidence and valor she oozed in her outfits did it for her.”

Whoever voiced the wise words that the first impression prevails forever left a footprint with their remark. It is not just a spineless myth but a rather significant piece of advice that one must religiously follow to elevate productivity and confidence in their personal & professional life.


“Why go through the hardship of securing a good impression?” you may ask. 

Well, if it’s not already obvious, you probably want to impress your client or boss. The way one portrays themself in the first meeting plays an influential role in dictating how others perceive them. And, logically, a substantial part of this verdict is decreed on how one dresses to express themselves. Did you know? An average person takes a tenth of a second to pass their judgment based on one’s appearance, getup, body language, and so on. 

Alongside the concept of dressing to impress, finding the right women’s business apparel that suits one’s unique style and personality helps to build confidence. Not just this, today, in a world that has transcended the barriers of gender inequality, office clothes for women are now perceived as a symbol of female empowerment. 

You’d probably want to get a well-tailored suit or blazer instead of a casual printed top while browsing for office wear in India if you wish to secure a high profile job. Most times, the way we dress up for work depends on the industry and the people we work for. For instance, if you are a fresher and belong to a profession that requires formal wear, then dressing up in hoodies and jumpers might result in you losing your business or the recruiter’s interest. 

We’ve all battled with our fair share of outfit what-ifs in life. Haven’t we?

What if the outfit’s too much for a first interview? 

What if the sleeve’s too short?  

What if the color’s too bold? 

What if…What if….

Finding the right office apparel amongst the surge of available formal dress for women online has become a necessity rather than an office etiquette. 

Well, this is where Entrepower comes in with its range of ladies formal office wear that’ll help you blast your insecurities and secure that lasting first impression! We’ve clubbed a few fashion tips for you below to help you excel in your career and build strong professional relationships with your co-workers and clients. Let’s jump right in!


Life gives many chances, except the chance to make a lasting first impression. Here are a few dressing tips that’ll help you achieve the same:  

  • Keep yourself well-groomed and practice good hygiene.
  • Keep your outfits professional and make sure you abide by the dress code set up by a company. 
  • Make sure your outfits are clean and wrinkle-free. Avoid messy looks.
  • Ensure that your shoes are clean. 
  • Don’t over-accessorize your outfits. Keep it minimal. 
  • Favourable formal dress for women online usually includes suits and blazers.
  • The skirt’s length should traditionally reach your knees, but it can be slightly longer or shorter according to your comfort. 
  • Go for a natural look and keep your makeup minimal. 
  • Blouses that are very transparent or have very low, revealing necklines should be generally avoided in professional settings. 
  • Wearing a heavy amount of fragrance should be avoided.
  • Keep things minimal. You don’t have to go all out every time you want to impress someone. The key to maintaining a consistent, yet effective professional everyday look resides in keeping your wardrobe minimal. For example, you can wear a button-down white shirt with a classic blazer and black slack for a casual client meeting. Or, you can also wear a dress with an oversized blazer to achieve a laid-back, yet professional look. 
  • Keep a lookout for any threads or tears in your clothing. 
  • It’s preferable if you stick with wide-cut and relaxed-fit trousers. 
  • Having a few essential workwear clothing allows you to create an easy and effective office look with minimal effort. Here are a few must-have office wardrobe staples:
    • Three-piece suits
    • Blazers/Oversized Blazers
    • Slacks/skirts/preferred bottoms 
    • Button downs in grey, white, or any preferable colors
    • Appropriate blouses that are suitable for office wear
Women wearing Pink single buttoned blazer from entrepower India
Women wearing Grey Classic Business Suit from Entrepower India


Here are a few fashion hacks and tips that you can follow while dressing up for a job interview: 

  • Black, white, blue, brown, and grey are your go-to colors while dressing up for job interviews. You can play around with the shades and even opt for pastel prints. Avoid wearing bright colors and make sure your color combinations are in sync. 
  • Opt for comfortable shoes if you wish to spare yourself from fifty shades of embarrassment. 
  • Do your research properly before the interview round and stick to the dress code, if any. 
  • Acceptable formal attire for a job interview usually includes formal pants, pencil skirts, suits, blazers, knee-length dress, cardigans, and light color blouses. 
  • Avoid loud accessories. 
  • Avoid flip-flops and knee-high boots in a formal setting. 
  • Always aim for a presentable, professional, and neat look. 
Women wearing Olive green double breasted blazer from Entrepower India
Women wearing Blue Three Piece Suit from Entrepower India


One must respect the cultures of their professional environment and dress in a way that reflects their passion and work ethics. However, that doesn’t restrict one to wearing only black and dark outfits for the office.

From plaid suits to pastel prints, at Entrepower, we have a range of power outfits in all sizes to help you express who you truly are: beautiful, alluring, powerful, and liberated. 

Make every first impression count with Entrepower!

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