The Dynamic Duo: Must Try Blazer and Waistcoat Combinations

Women wearing Classic brown Waistcoat With Angular Hem from Entrepower India

Blazers and waistcoats are two of the most favoured unisex classics amongst the workaholic folks. 

And when combined? 

Yup, a woman wearing a blazer and waistcoat combination is a force to be reckoned with!

Today, blazers and waistcoats are available in an infinite number of colours, designs, shapes, and fabrics, so your outfit options during those morning-hour rush are pretty diverse. 

You can wear the two attires separately or wear an iconic blazer and waistcoat combination that best matches your mood and vibe for the day. And if you want to put in a little effort, you can always mix and match your blazer and waistcoat sets to create new outfits!

Did You Know?

The term "blazer" is said to have featured in an article released in 1952. It addressed a red jacket worn by Cambridge's Lady Margaret Boat Club in the shade of a blazing red hue, which is how the blazer gained its name.

This blog dives into various possibilities of blazer and waistcoat combinations that you can try out with our collection!

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Can you wear a waistcoat with a blazer?  

Blazers and waistcoats are wardrobe staples that can be worn separately or in combination. Because of the versatility of this business attire for women, it may be coupled in a variety of ways to produce stunning, jaw-dropping styles. 

So, yes, you can wear your blazers with waistcoats. As with most three-piece suits, it might be of a similar colour. Alternatively, you can also choose hues in complementary colours to create your stylish blazer and waistcoat combination.

Did You Know?

Americans refer to waistcoats as vests. But, the Brits refer to vests as waistcoats.

What are some of the best blazer and waistcoat combinations? 

At Entrepower, we have an array of formal and casual blazers and waistcoats that you can pair together to create unique outfit combinations. 

Let’s check out these iconic waistcoat-blazer combinations suggested by our in-house fashionistas!

1) White Blazer + Waistcoat with Angular Hem

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Be the white knight that warms hearts with your tales of success with this classic white and brown waistcoat blazer combination. You can add your fair of accessories to add a stylish touch to your overall blazer and waistcoat look. 

2) Double-Breasted Blazer + Waistcoat with Angular Hem

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Green symbolises renewal and resurrection. Break out of your weekly blues and start a brand new day in this green blazer with a waistcoat combo!

3) Single-Button Blazer + Waistcoat with Angular Hem

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This single-button blazer is one of our best-sellers with its comfy material. Paired with a waistcoat with an angular hem, you will have an ideal work armour for the day!

4) Slit Sleeve Blazer + Waistcoat with Angular Hem

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Can you wear blazers with waistcoats during the summers? 

The answer is,” YES!”. 

This timeless waistcoat blazer combo is composed of the best fabrics, which assist to absorb heat and keep you from becoming a sweaty mess during an important appointment. The loose-fit split sleeves allow for a breezy flow, keeping you cool during the summer. If the summer heat is too hot to handle, you can ditch the jacket in the middle of the day and go about your business in the waistcoat.

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5) Pink/Mauve Single Button Blazer + Pastel Pink Classic Waistcoat Set

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Ink a lasting impression on your clients and co-workers with your talent and outfits in pink. This classic blazer with waistcoat combination is one of our personal favourites! If you want, you can ditch the pink pants and wear something of a complementary colour to create your unique combo. 

6) White Blazer + Pastel Blue Classic Waistcoat Set

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Beat the Monday blues with this classic blazer and waistcoat combination! There are no rules when it comes to styling this casual blazer and waistcoat. You can style it with a white t-shirt and pants, a skirt, or even sweatpants.

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What can you wear along with a waistcoat-blazer combination? 

There are different ways you can style your blazers with waistcoats. Here are a few ways you can create unique blazer and waistcoat combos: 

  • Monochromatic dressing is still in trend. For instance, if you don’t know what to wear during those morning rush hours, a white shirt, a white waistcoat, white pants paired with a black blazer, and black shoes will do the trick. You can try this combination sequence with blazers & waistcoats in different colours.
  • You can also wear your casual blazer and waistcoat with shorts or skirts. The combination of a blazer, a waistcoat, and a mini-skirt creates a feminine and elegant silhouette. Add knee-high boots or a pair of killer stilettos to the combo, and you’d have a runway-ready outfit.
  • Is there anyone who doesn’t love the concept of style and comfort? If you follow street fashion and style houses, you must be aware that oversized clothing is a rising trend. A button-down shirt, dress pants, a waistcoat that outlines your silhouette and an oversized green blazer is one of the best go-to outfit options if you want something chic and modern. 

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At Entrepower, we have a range of blazers and waistcoats tailored to the needs of powerful women who juggle multiple tasks. We see you putting up your best efforts at work, and we want to assist you in finding the perfect blazer and waistcoat combo that pays tribute to your hard work!

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