Manifest Your Inner Fashionista: 5 Simple Female Blazer Styles

Women wearing Red Blazer Dress- Knee Length from Entrepower India

Some staple styles will always have a soft spot in our wardrobes, and it’s safe to say that female blazer styles top the list. 

Your tryst with different female blazer styles might have started with your quest to hunt the perfect office attire for an important board meeting. But blazers for women have redeemed their reputation, and today, there are different women blazer styles that you can proudly wear to any of your office ventures. 

Read on to discover some trending female blazer styles that have been the talk of the town amongst the ladies of power. 


Gone are the days when blazers were considered the possessions of aristocratic men who wore hats and smoked cigars all day long.

Today, in a world that has gained a steady momentum over gender equality, different female blazer styles have emerged as a symbol of female empowerment. From statement blazer dresses for women to classic double-breasted blazers, there’s an endless supply of female blazer styles for you to try out!

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Blazer Dress For Women – Knee Length

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As you’ve seen above, there are quite a few head-turning female blazer styles that you can try out to amp your fashion. 

While you can wear these blazers for women as a standalone piece, you can add your elements to the dress to elevate the overall look. 


Here are five simple ways to style your blazer outfits all year long!

1) Blazers over a bralette or a crop top

Can you blame us for suggesting this dynamic combo? 

It’s a sunny day out, and you want something comfy and breathable that gives you the confidence to hustle through the day. Pairing those cute crop tops or a bralette you brought from the latest summer collection with your oversized blazer will add that ‘whoa’ element to your overall outfit for the day.    

2) Blazers matching dress or a blazer dress

You’ll find a myriad of blazers for women online that best match your style and personality. Entrepower is one such platform where you’ll find trendy blazers for women online that you can wear all year long. 

A stylish way to wear these blazers is to pair them with a cute dress lying around ideally in your wardrobe. You can also pair the outfit with a belt to accentuate your gorgeous curves. At Entrepower, we also have blazer dresses for women available from sizes XS to XXXL.  

3) Casual blazer outfits with matching bottoms

You can create versatile blazer outfits by pairing your blazer with matching bottoms such as midi skirts, mini skirts, formal pants, leggings, etc.

Don’t just stick to one particular style; experiment with different blazer outfits to make your fashion more versatile.

4) Create the best blazer looks by playing around with colours

There are different blazers for women online for you to pick from. And if that still makes you feel that your wardrobe is not versatile enough, you can always experiment with different prints and pick blazer outfits in pastels and plaid. 

5) Create different blazer styles by playing around with your tops

The beauty of fashion is that it has no rules or bounds. You can mould it to your liking and create unique looks by mixing and matching different elements. 

For instance, you can create different blazer styles by pairing your blazer with different tops such as sweatshirts, crop tops, formal shirts, etc. There are several other options for you to try based on your likes and dislikes to create an outfit that best represents you


From casual blazer outfits to blazer dresses, browse through the best collection of blazers for women online at Entrepower!

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